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NAHT Aspire Partnership Programme

The NAHT Aspire Partnership Programme is a proven school improvement programme founded in 2013 as a DfE part-funded pilot project. It is informed by the need for rapid and sustainable school improvement and addresses schools’ improvement priorities over two-years through a collaborative and outcome focused approach.

How does the NAHT Aspire Partnership Programme work?

  • The Partnership Programme is based on the EdisonLearning Five Strand Design™ : Leadership; Pedagogy and Curriculum; Assessment for Learning; Learning Environment and Student and Family Support.

  • Each school is supported by NAHT Aspire Achievement Advisers.

  • The programme commences with a collaborative review of schools’ provision against the Five Strand Design’s ™ features of highly effective schools to determine the scope and sequence of the school improvement work.

  • Following review, programme implementation for networks of schools typically comprises 12 network days and 12 in-school development days and for individual schools, 17 in-school development days over the two years.

Schools can expect the following outcomes from participation in the programme?

  • More effective leadership and teamwork at all levels, from teachers through to governors

  • More effective teaching, learning and assessment that enables all learners to succeed

  • More confident and articulate learners who are fully involved in school self-evaluation and decision making and who understand clearly their next steps in learning

  • Greater involvement of parents, carers and families in supporting the learning of their children

  • Measurable impact on the progress of all learners

What type of school is the programme designed for?

The programme is designed for schools or groups of schools looking to create a sustainable change in their performance. It is especially suited to schools that have been judged as requires improvement or inadequate or schools that are good but have concerns about sustaining the quality of their provision.

Which members of staff are involved?

In a simple answer – everyone. The programme begins with school leaders and governors reviewing provision and agreeing an implementation plan with Achievement Advisers. Network days are attended by designated school leaders while all members of staff are involved in the programme through the implementation of specific improvement strategies in each school.

When could my school start?

For individual schools and existing groups of schools such as federations or academy trusts we can usually start at any suitable point in the term. If a school wants to create, or would like us to create, a new network then this usually takes up to a term to arrange.


How do we know that it works?

We have taken the research findings about distributed leadership, the science of learning, school ethos, the data intelligent school, the most effective strategies for CPD and much more to create an interconnected and holistic model that has been shown to deliver multiple dividends over short term single aspect school improvement initiatives.
Independently evaluated the NAHT Aspire programme is proven to deliver its impact and best value which is evidenced through 100% satisfaction from our annual customer survey and external evidence from Ofsted results and case studies.

1. In the 2017-18 Academic year, 7 of our partner schools previously rated RI were inspected with 6 out of 7 (86%) improving their judgement to good.

2. Initial analysis of 77 partner schools 2017-18 KS2 SATS results show a 6% point increase against the national average of 3% points for age related expectations in reading, writing and maths.


What opportunities are there for recognition and accreditation?

Derby University offers a postgraduate Diploma/Certificate in School Improvement that is designed with NAHT Aspire leaders in mind, allowing them to use their work in leading, implementing and evaluating aspects of the programme as the focus for learning and assessment.

What happens at the end of the two years?

Many schools continue to partner with us beyond the duration of the programme. Our continuing partnership offer allows schools to choose an appropriate level of support for their needs, either working to develop specific areas of the Design or simply to ensure best practice is sustained to meet the ever changing demands upon the school. The continuing partnership offer maintains access to the latest materials and resources through our Frog portal.

What does it cost?

The programme costs £18,995 (exc. VAT) per school both as part of a network and as a standalone school.

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