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Sean Harford’s points about what inspectors will look for (paraphrased)

Assessment needs to be effective in assessing pupil’s journey through the school curriculum. It shouldn’t be designed to fit an ‘idea’ of what a school thinks an inspector wants to see. Inspectors will use the following to judge the effectiveness of assessment and whether it is having an impact on pupil’s learning: Lesson observations Pupil’s work Discussion with pupils and teachers School records You don’t need to see vast amounts of data, spreadsheets, charts & graphs! OFSTED recognise that in the upcoming year schools are in different stages of developing assessment and will take this into account when monitoring progress of their pupils.

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New National Curriculum Tests

The new National Curriculum Tests will be at the forefront of your minds as the new school year begins. The sooner you have a clear picture of what will be expected of your pupils in Y2 and Y6 at the end of this year, the sooner you will be able to prepare them to be able to take an approach to the tests which equips them with the best chance of success. You will also see from thecontent of this link that there is even more reason for your staff to understand the Four Modes of Learning and to ensure that your pupils are taught the right things in the right way at the right time to enable them to learn in the most efficient manner. If you are one of our partner schools, please feel free to ask for a focus on the implications of the new tests during a Development Day this term

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