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Congratulations to Collingwood Primary School

Congratulations to Collingwood Primary School who achieved Good outcomes at their recent inspection! Collingwood Primary is a great example of what can be achieved through determined use of partnership strategies. In 2013 their Ofsted report stated that: ‘Teaching is not consistently good across the school. Some teachers do not have high enough expectations, particularly of the more-able pupils. It also said that despite improvements this year, leaders and managers have not yet been fully effective in ensuring teaching and achievement are consistently good’. In 2016 after 18 months of partnership on the NAHT Aspire programme, the situation has changed significantly. Now Ofsted say that: ‘the headteacher, with excellent support from senior leaders and strong support from governors, has successfully driven improvement forward since the last inspection. The school has greatly improved. Teaching and pupils’ outcomes have moved from requiring improvement to good, and the school continues to improve’.  Teaching has developed really well. Now, ‘Teachers make good use of detailed systems for assessing pupils’ achievement in English and mathematics. Together with leaders, they use the information from their assessments to identify pupils who need extra help and drive their learning forward. Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ learning in most subjects and they make good use of questioning to deepen pupils’ thinking’. But it’s not just about core subjects. Every other area of the current report recognises the strengths of the school and its determination to keep on improving. Well done to all at Collingwood!

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Accolades and national endorsement for NAHT Aspire

#NAHT2016 - Independent research shows NAHT’s Aspire project a credible pathway for school improvement Today (Sunday 1 May) school leaders’ union NAHT publishes an independent report into its Aspire programme. The Aspire programme was piloted in a most challenging way, working alongside groups of primary schools across England in the ‘requires improvement’ category in order to help them move to ‘good’ or better. Today, independent research from the University of Derby shows that the programme is an effective and sustainable way of helping schools to improve standards. It shows that: Pilot schools have made twice the improvement of schools nationally for both progress and attainment with exceptional gains in Mathematics at level 5 as compared to national averages. Half of the schools have demonstrated a transformational improvement of 10 per cent or more in the percentage of pupils attaining Level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined. 63 per cent of pilot schools have been inspected by Ofsted and rated as good over the course of the NAHT Aspire programme with more forecast by the end of the third year. Both case studies and survey respondents (90 per cent) were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences and the impact on the whole school. The report also highlights opportunities for government, NAHT and schools to further develop the Aspire approach in the light of evolving education policy. It recommends that: Rolling out the programme - NAHT should promote the programme to ‘coasting’ and good schools Funding opportunities - The Department for Education has invested considerable resource in this project. The evaluation has demonstrated that the programme is value for money when compared with the costs of academisation and offers an economic [...]

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