How Do You Develop The Essential Skills For Learning And Life?

The Learning & Life Skills Curriculum is a research-based approach designed for schools to ensure that every pupil develops the essential skills for learning and life. It intentionally and systematically develops pupils’ personal learning and life skills alongside subject learning and thus also supports ‘readiness’ for the next stage in their education.

Learning & Life Skills promote pupils’ ability to learn independently, which results in increased motivation, raised standards and accelerated progress.

What Is It?

The Learning & Life Skills Framework contains a progressive bank of ‘I Can’ statements from Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 2.

The Learning & Life Skills Learning Units and training for teachers provide the structure and support required for successful implementation and the consequential high impact on learning and teaching.

What Are The Learning & Life Skills?

  • Learning with Others
  • Developing Independence and Responsibility
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance
  • Developing a Sense of Self Worth and Understanding of Self and Others
  • Thinking Skills
  • Speaking & Listening

''The school provides an extremely rich and varied curriculum, pupils are additionally taught thinking skills that help them to see how an activity helps them in many ways, for example academically by improving their speaking and listening, or socially by developing their respect for others. The high levels of these skills for their age mean that the pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education.''

– St Teresa’s Catholic Primary, Essex

What Does The Curriculum Contain?

  • Learning Units for EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Core Learning Skills Framework
  • Process to audit pupils’ skills
  • Approaches to develop a common learning language
  • Practical learning activities to support the development of skills

What Support Is Available?

  • A choice of training options
  • Headteacher planning session
  • Senior Leadership school implementation/change management training
  • Training for teachers in classroom implementation
  • Implementation progress audit
  • Display materials

Further information please visit the EdisonLearning website. Alternatively please contact the NAHT Aspire team on 0844 809 9219 if you would like more information or to speak to one of our Education Advisors.