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Congratulations to Collingwood Primary School

Congratulations to Collingwood Primary School who achieved Good outcomes at their recent inspection! Collingwood Primary is a great example of what can be achieved through determined use of partnership strategies. In 2013 their Ofsted report stated that: ‘Teaching is not consistently good across the school. Some teachers do not have high enough expectations, particularly of the more-able pupils. It also said that despite improvements this year, leaders and managers have not yet been fully effective in ensuring teaching and achievement are consistently good’. In 2016 after 18 months of partnership on the NAHT Aspire programme, the situation has changed significantly. Now Ofsted say that: ‘the headteacher, with excellent support from senior leaders and strong support from governors, has successfully driven improvement forward since the last inspection. The school has greatly improved. Teaching and pupils’ outcomes have moved from requiring improvement to good, and the school continues to improve’.  Teaching has developed really well. Now, ‘Teachers make good use of detailed systems for assessing pupils’ achievement in English and mathematics. Together with leaders, they use the information from their assessments to identify pupils who need extra help and drive their learning forward. Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ learning in most subjects and they make good use of questioning to deepen pupils’ thinking’. But it’s not just about core subjects. Every other area of the current report recognises the strengths of the school and its determination to keep on improving. Well done to all at Collingwood!

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Accolades and national endorsement for NAHT Aspire

#NAHT2016 - Independent research shows NAHT’s Aspire project a credible pathway for school improvement Today (Sunday 1 May) school leaders’ union NAHT publishes an independent report into its Aspire programme. The Aspire programme was piloted in a most challenging way, working alongside groups of primary schools across England in the ‘requires improvement’ category in order to help them move to ‘good’ or better. Today, independent research from the University of Derby shows that the programme is an effective and sustainable way of helping schools to improve standards. It shows that: Pilot schools have made twice the improvement of schools nationally for both progress and attainment with exceptional gains in Mathematics at level 5 as compared to national averages. Half of the schools have demonstrated a transformational improvement of 10 per cent or more in the percentage of pupils attaining Level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined. 63 per cent of pilot schools have been inspected by Ofsted and rated as good over the course of the NAHT Aspire programme with more forecast by the end of the third year. Both case studies and survey respondents (90 per cent) were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences and the impact on the whole school. The report also highlights opportunities for government, NAHT and schools to further develop the Aspire approach in the light of evolving education policy. It recommends that: Rolling out the programme - NAHT should promote the programme to ‘coasting’ and good schools Funding opportunities - The Department for Education has invested considerable resource in this project. The evaluation has demonstrated that the programme is value for money when compared with the costs of academisation and offers an economic [...]

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QFLT Folder Sale

January Offer – 20% Discount on Quality Framework for Learning and Teaching Folders We are offering a 20% discount on all QFLT folders purchased in January 2016. Prices are listed below: 1 – 9 folders: £20 per folder including delivery (list price £25 per folder) 10+ folders: £16 per folder including delivery (list price £20 per folder) Prices listed above are exclusive of VAT. To take advantage of this offer, please complete the order form on this page. For any queries please contact us on or 01376 562953.

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Sean Harford’s points about what inspectors will look for (paraphrased)

Assessment needs to be effective in assessing pupil’s journey through the school curriculum. It shouldn’t be designed to fit an ‘idea’ of what a school thinks an inspector wants to see. Inspectors will use the following to judge the effectiveness of assessment and whether it is having an impact on pupil’s learning: Lesson observations Pupil’s work Discussion with pupils and teachers School records You don’t need to see vast amounts of data, spreadsheets, charts & graphs! OFSTED recognise that in the upcoming year schools are in different stages of developing assessment and will take this into account when monitoring progress of their pupils.

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New National Curriculum Tests

The new National Curriculum Tests will be at the forefront of your minds as the new school year begins. The sooner you have a clear picture of what will be expected of your pupils in Y2 and Y6 at the end of this year, the sooner you will be able to prepare them to be able to take an approach to the tests which equips them with the best chance of success. You will also see from thecontent of this link that there is even more reason for your staff to understand the Four Modes of Learning and to ensure that your pupils are taught the right things in the right way at the right time to enable them to learn in the most efficient manner. If you are one of our partner schools, please feel free to ask for a focus on the implications of the new tests during a Development Day this term

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More NAHT Aspire pilot schools judged to be Good in recent inspections

Congratulations to all the staff and pupils at East Borough Primary School in Kent, St Georges Primary School in Bristol, Bersted Green Primary School in West Sussex and Temple Sutton Primary School in Southend-on-Sea who have all received Good judgements from Ofsted in the past few weeks.   “Through training and participation in a research project, leaders and managers at all levels have developed their skills very effectively”  “Leaders have worked effectively with external partners to improve teaching.  Standards are rising and pupils are making faster progress  “The progress of disadvantaged pupils throughout the school is good and any gaps in their learning are closing rapidly”  “The curriculum equips pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the next stage of their education”   All these schools have been a part of the NAHT Aspire school improvement pilot programme for the past two years.

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NAHT Aspire pilot puts schools on a clear path to improvement

NAHT’s manifesto for education contains a vision for education after the general election which puts schools in the lead in driving up standards for themselves. Building on this vision, NAHT has created the Aspire programme which has been working with a group of schools across England in the ‘requires improvement’ category. Half of the participating schools have already been judged ‘good’ by Ofsted and three quarters would be good if inspected today. Russell Hobby, NAHT general secretary said: “The school leaders involved in Aspire say they’re on a clear path to improvement. Aspire puts peer support at the centre of its programme. There may be difficult choices that school leaders have to take but these are made in a spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm. Aspire gives the schools involved the tools they need to turn things around, without the upheaval that is becoming commonplace when a ‘requires improvement’ verdict is handed down. Sarah Holland, head teacher at Lovers’ Lane Primary School in Newark, said: “It has been the best thing that could have happened at Lovers’ Lane and we are really looking forward to inspection now, just so that we can sing from the rooftops about the journey we’ve been on.” Julia Brown, head teacher at Greenhill Primary School in Sheffield said: “It is the best professional development any of us have ever had, providing solutions which are research-based, realistic, and practical and really work. It is also intellectually challenging, which we are all enjoying. “Also, it is completely refreshing to work with people who value and respect you as a head teacher and don’t apply a deficit model when talking about improving your school. For the first time in years I have felt supported. And [...]

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Aspire at the NAHT Conference

Members of the NAHT Aspire team will be at the NAHT Annual Conference, taking place at ACC Liverpool from the 1st to the 3rd May. If you want to find out more about Aspire, or talk to us about setting up an Aspire network in your locality and will be attending the conference, please come and find us in the Main Foyer at the conference.

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The NAHT Birmingham Summer Conference 2015

‘One Great City - Great School Leaders’ St Andrews, the home of Birmingham City Football Club will be the venue for the first ever National Association of Head Teachers Birmingham summer conference. NAHT represents school leaders in every phase and sector of education and has been at the forefront of leading some of the City’s schools through the challenges of Trojan Horse. Rob Kelsall, NAHT’s Senior Regional Officer in Birmingham said: “We have some of England’s best school leaders here in Birmingham. This event is an opportunity to reflect on the pressures they’ve faced this year, whilst looking ahead to the future of education in this great City. Above all, that’s about putting children first, keeping them safe and allowing them become the best they can be.” The conference is FREE and welcomes both new and existing members who will hear from several inspirational speakers, including Jamie Barry and Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, two Head Teachers whose working lives have been transformed by the pressures of school leadership in the past twelve months. Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, Head at Anderton Park Primary School said: “Being a Head Teacher, with the futures of hundreds of children in your hands, is an enormous privilege. But it can also be a rollercoaster, as I have found this year. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone.” This will be the first major gathering of Head Teachers after the general election on 7th May, offering an early opportunity for school leaders to think about how education will change over the next five years. NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby said: “Since we launched our own manifesto last May, we’ve pushed the government hard on key areas affecting children’s lives. We’ll continue to do [...]

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