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NAHT Assure – Managing Performance Related Pay

The purpose of this guide is to provide school and academy leaders with a useful aide memoire to help manage end of year appraisals and performance related pay. There are many scenarios in which a member of staff might not agree with their appraisal and subsequent pay award. In these cases they have the right to appeal either informally, in writing to the pay committee, or through a hearing of the pay appeals committee whose decision is final. The points below are designed to act as a useful guide to managing the pay appeals process. You can download the guide by clicking here.

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Teacher Appraisal – Gareth Hill – Willow Brook Primary School

Gareth Hill, a teacher from Willow Brook Primary School in Colchester, has conducted his teacher appraisal with his Headteacher, Jo Newitt using the Quality Framework for Learning and Teaching to support the process. The use of QFLT has meant that Jo has been able to keep in mind the broader school goals whilst maintaining a clear focus with Gareth about what needs to take place in the classroom. Gareth has used the QFLT to help shape his own targets and to take full ownership of his development. The Quality Framework provides a very logical guide for thinking about what I need to do, as a professional, to meet my objectives. The full teacher appraisal video is available as part of the QFLT package.

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RJ Mitchell Primary School – Teacher Appraisal

Barry Read, Headteacher of RJ Mitchell Primary School in Hornchurch has been using QFLT to run his teacher appraisal scheme this year. His view is extremely encouraging and just what we like to hear. The Performance Management Reviews are going really well and the Quality Framework folder is really helping. The staff feel much more part of the process and the targets they have chosen generally reflect what we would have chosen for them. It was a worthwhile exercise and all staff have seemed to engage more in the process. It does not feel to them like a put upon but more of a partnership exercise. The whole thing just seemed to flow more and the conversations were deeper.

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