Become an NAHT Aspire delivery Partner

We are looking for organisations to become accredited delivery partners for the Aspire programme and products in 2019. NAHT Aspire is a partnership programme between EdisonLearning and NAHT Aspire and has worked with over 160 schools since 2013. Independently evaluated and based on international research the programme continues to deliver impressive results for our participating schools. We have a limited number of opportunities available for new delivery partners and would like to hear from Trusts, teaching schools and traded services organisations. Training will be held in early 2019 so to express an interest or find out more please contact us at info@nahtaspire.co.uk or speak to us on 0844 809 9219.

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Congratulations to St Francis’ Catholic Primary School

St Francis’ Catholic Primary School are in the third year of the NAHT ASPIRE programme, working in a small network of schools in the South East. They have successfully implemented many aspects of ASPIRE such as Achievement Teams and have made the most of the opportunity to share ideas with schools both within their own LA and others. To see the report please click here

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First NAHT Aspire TLIF networks complete programme

"Achievement team meetings have meant that staff are much more focused upon achievement…they have a much better understanding of how to use data to plan next steps/interventions. Fast Learning has been very successful in classrooms." - Hayley Scargill, Principal, Victoria Primary, Northamptonshire Our first two networks of schools in Northamptonshire and Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire complete their NAHT Aspire TLIF programmes this month. The programme is fully funded by the DfE as part of the Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund and the nine schools in these two networks are the first of 96 schools across 19 networks to complete the programme. A year 2 follow-on programme has been specifically designed for these schools to enable them to embed and sustain improvement. For more information click here.

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