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The Curriculum Review allows schools to review, evaluate and redesign your curriculum with a view to ensuring appropriate breadth and balance, while also creating a curriculum that is both relevant and inspiring to your learners and the wider school community

Key Features

The Curriculum Review is informed by current statutory requirements and the most recent publications regarding curriculum design and innovation from NCSL and The Cambridge Primary Review. It is also designed to ensure that your curriculum will be regarded as best practice under the next Ofsted inspection framework to be released in September 2019.

The Curriculum Review resources provide schools with a systematic and collaborative process for reviewing and redesigning the curriculum. The process takes schools through the following stages: vision and rationale; review of current curriculum in light of the vision; curriculum redesign that includes connecting your curriculum to the lives of learners, offering a thematic approach and meeting statutory requirements.


  • A shared vision for the school’s curriculum

  • Identification of current curriculum strengths and areas for development with regard to statutory requirements and appropriate breadth and balance

  • A redesigned curriculum that fulfils the shared vision

What’s included?

A half-day in school launch with an Achievement Adviser to begin the process with school leaders, including a curriculum review workshop and time to plan the scope and sequence of the review.

A set of materials to support you in completing the review:

  • A handbook to guide you through the process of curriculum review and redesign

  • A framework against which to review your curriculum that defines an exemplary curriculum in terms of: organisation; breadth balance and coherence; continuity and progression; relevance, cross-curricular links; challenge; SMSC

  • A series of key questions to ensure your evaluation against the framework is both rigorous and valid

  • A set of resources and activities to use as part of your review process

  • Published case studies of exemplar practice in curriculum review to help you see the process in action

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