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Year 2 Programme for NAHT Aspire TLIF Schools

NAHT Aspire has designed a follow-on Year 2 Programme specifically for NAHT Aspire TLIF schools to support them in sustaining their school improvement work in an increasingly flexible but similarly rigorous and focused way. The programme allows schools to embed and enhance leadership and teaching and learning strategies from the NAHT Aspire TLIF programme while also introducing them to new strategies in areas such as the Learning Environment and Student and Family Support, thus supporting schools in driving school improvement across a number of fronts.

What is the Year 2 Programme for NAHT Aspire TLIF schools?

The Year 2 Programme for NAHT Aspire TLIF schools is a one-year programme that employs the same delivery model as the NAHT Aspire TLIF Programme: a network approach involving 6 network days and 6 in-school development days per school. The programme’s components build on the content of the NAHT Aspire TLIF programme, providing schools with a wide range of integrated school improvement strategies.

Schools can expect the following outcomes from participation in the programme:

  • More effective leadership and teamwork at all levels, from teachers through to governors
  • More effective teaching and assessment that meets the needs of all learners
  • More confident and articulate learners who are fully involved in school self-evaluation and decision making and who understand clearly their next steps in learning
  • Greater involvement of parents, carers and families in supporting the learning of their children
  • Measurable impact on the progress of all learners

Click here to find out more about the scope and sequence of the programme.

Which members of staff are involved?

As in the NAHT Aspire TLIF programme, all members of staff are involved in the programme through the implementation of chosen strategies in each school. As previously, designated leaders attend the network days.


How do we know that it works?

The University of Derby independently evaluated the pilot NAHT Aspire programme and confirmed its impact and value which is further evidenced through 100% satisfaction from our annual customer survey and external evidence from Ofsted inspection outcomes and case studies.

What does it cost?

The cost per school is £8,220 (exc. VAT)

When could my school start?

Networks will commence in the spring and summer terms 2019 for schools that commenced the NAHT Aspire TLIF programme in 2017/2018.

How do I join the programme?

Please contact your NAHT Aspire TLIF adviser in the first instance to express your interest. Once you have confirmed that you want to join the programme please contact Megan Dellar at or by phone on 01376 562953.