What are people saying about NAHT Aspire?

What are Ofsted saying?

''Leaders and managers at all levels have convincingly improved every aspect of pupils’ experience at school as well as developing their own strengths through training.

Teamwork is exceptionally strong. Senior staff rose to the challenge of leading a school that required improvement. Checks on teaching are rigorous and have eliminated any weaknesses. Staff have all ‘bought in’ to the culture where strong teaching flourishes, where pupils are well cared for, attend school regularly, and achieve and behave well.

Work with the school’s partners has made a highly positive impact on teaching and on pupils’ achievements.''

Lovers Lane Primary, Nottinghamshire. December 2015
''The school has improved rapidly since the last inspection under the inspirational leadership of the headteacher and her senior team. They put the pupils at the heart of everything they do and have a mission to raise the aspirations of all the children who pass through the school.''
Springbank Primary, June 2014
''Leaders and managers make the most of partnerships to bring about improvement.''
Eastwood Primary, February 2014
''The headteacher and senior leaders work as a cohesive, determined team and have been effective in improving the quality of teaching and raising pupils’ achievement. The desire to ensure all pupils realise their potential is central to their shared vision and sustains their capacity to drive the school’s development.''
Hangleton Junior, February 2014
''Pupils’ enjoyment of school is infectious and they are very positive about all that the school offers. They arrive in the morning with smiles on their faces and leave looking forward to what they will be learning the next day. A large group of pupils in the playground agreed with one who said, ‘It’s great coming here. It’s so much fun to learn new things here and the teachers are great.’”
“All leaders make an excellent contribution to creating a calm, hard-working, motivated school community where a culture of respect, strong values and excellent attitudes prevails.''
Somerhill Junior Inspection Report

What are Headteachers saying?

''The ASPIRE Partnership provides a framework for school improvement which is flexible so it can be tailored in response to your school’s circumstances.

It is the best professional development any of us have ever had, providing solutions which are research based, realistic, practical and really work. It is also intellectually challenging which we are all enjoying.

There are great leadership development opportunities all staff including Teaching Assistants.
It gives control over professional development back to individual teachers and gives them the skills and confidence to adapt their own practice.

The focus on involving the children through School and Class Leaner Councils and Termly Learning Conferences has empowered the children, who can talk confidently about their learning. It also promotes the British value of Democracy!

It is so refreshing to work with people who value and respect you as a headteacher and don’t apply a deficit model when talking about improving your school. For first time in years I have felt supported. It has re-built some of my self- belief and given me the confidence to continue in my job.

It gave Greenhill hope when we were all at a very low point!''

Julia Brown, Headteacher of Greenhill Primary School, Sheffield
26th September 2014
''The Aspire partnership will provide a framework which will enable you to customise your school improvement journey. In six months, the partnership developed our middle and senior leaders which meant we had the capacity to take over the management of a Children’s Centre and still move the school forward.
The partnership provides collaboration and development opportunities for all staff in a structured and focused way.
We took the leap of faith and haven’t looked back. Do it!''
Kirsteen Craig, Headteacher of Sea Mills Primary, Bristol