''No-one is more ambitious for the young people of our country than those who work in our schools''

- Russell Hobby, May 2013

The idea of an NAHT-led school improvement programme was first aired by the General Secretary at the 2012 Annual Conference. He put forward three reasons why the Association should get involved.

Member Demand:

A number of members and other organisations had approached the Association, buydiazepambest.com suggesting that an appetite existed to consider purchasing school improvement services from a trusted name such as the NAHT

Local Authority Changes:

There is growing evidence that traditional sources of support for schools, particularly through local authorities is rapidly disappearing. The NAHT does not necessarily welcome this change, but recognises that it is a reality with significant implications for schools that must be addressed


Increasing numbers of schools are being forced into Academy status. By helping schools to improve, the Association is reducing this risk, and putting choice back into the hands of school leaders and governors