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Peer Review forms part of your ongoing school improvement journey, whatever your current starting point. The review process is facilitated by a Lead Reviewer (Achievement Adviser) who supports and trains school leaders in the school review process.  Peer Review provides expert challenge through a collaborative approach leading to an agreed picture of schools’ strengths and areas for development and a clear set of next steps. Furthermore, the process results in the identification of areas of best practice and common areas for development across schools to inform continued school to school collaboration.

The wide ranging School Review Framework will explore the reasons for your current successes
The Features of Highly Effective Schools show how the school has achieved its successes and what makes it work well.

It will provide strategies that could help your school do even better
Not just what to improve, but an insight into how to improve further by focusing on relevant strategies to resolve potential vulnerabilities.

Development for you and your team as school leaders

  • Enables collective and critical evaluation of school provision

  • Develops your leadership capacity through professional dialogue

  • Provides reflection on your own roles in the ongoing development of the school

Who will this involve?

Peer Review is suitable for mixed clusters of Infant, Junior, Primary and Secondary schools.

Schools of different sizes can easily work together in the process.

What’s included?

  • One half day cluster training

  • 2 review days in your school led by an Achievement Adviser, supported by an additional Achievement Adviser as required

  • Your school’s validated rubric (set of judgments against the features of highly effective schools) and a summative report

  • One half day follow up cluster meeting to evaluate the overall outcomes


  • Validates where your school has developed ‘from’

  • Challenges then confirms where your school is ‘now’

  • Clarifies next steps to achieve further improvement

  • Provides a sustainable model for school self-evaluation with the ability to use this process in the future

  • Identifies opportunities for the network of schools to address common areas of development and support one another. 

List Price

Primary Schools

£2,495exc. VAT

What happens after the reviews?

The follow up session explores the common strength and vulnerabilities across the cluster of schools. Schools may choose to develop from this point individually or collaboratively. Further support and training is available on all aspects of the review framework to help schools develop further.